A relaxation-inhalation salt cave (halochamber) consists of several tons of salt (depending on the chamber floor area). The cave’s interior is made of sea salt from Pakistan (approximately 3 million years old). The floor, walls and ceiling are several dozen centimeter thick. The gorgeous cascades made of specially selected stones incorporated into the interior, graduation towers (salty water sprayers) resembling the ones existing in Ciechocinek and other natural surfaces of salty water evaporation result in a perfect humidity level ranging from 50 to 60%.

The arrangement of salt lumps is supplemented with irregularly shaped wood beams and limbs and high-class HVAC equipment to provide proper air circulation and to maintain optimum temperature - 17-19 oC and proper filtration of air supplied to the cave. Another important element makes an underfloor heating connected to the central heating system or an electric heating mat covered with fine loose rock-salt, which provides the air with valuable elements such as: iodine, magnesium, potassium and many others, thus enriching considerably the air composition inside the chamber. It should be emphasized that the air inside the cave is replaced completely every hour. Each facility is delivered in the “turnkey system” (as completely ready-to use) including additional equipment such as: the only suitable for such applications “Lafuma” deckchairs In addition to this, on request (at extra charge) we can make a complete reception office including a backup room. The reception desk and other components are priced separately.