Changes in the course of construction are possible and do not result in financial consequences, unless they involve major construction changes.

  • developing a concept of salt cave
  • purchasing raw materials and items needed
  • carrying out standard furniture and other components necessary for interior decoration
  • purchasing and installation of equipment necessary for cave operation (HVAC equipment, pricing does not include air extraction and inlet ducts outside the cave, filters, meteo station, underfloor heating system installation, installation of electric system including a lighting system (optical fibers), control station for lighting and all devices installed within the facility, audio system, monitor, cave camera system, salt water circulation pumps
  • carrying out the insulation of the whole room
  • installing halite fragments inside the cave (salt bits)
  • carrying out one cascade, two graduation towers, one shelf for exhibits, an additional selected item of stone (shale, sandstone, etc.).
  • carrying out a sandpit including all practical and decoration features,
  • carrying out a complex ceiling frame (timber, and halite installed on plastic-coated wire mesh). Each additional item not listed in the price list generates additional cost and is subject to individual pricing. Each customer’s concept enriched with a vision of our designers and artists shapes the artistic finish of the project to provide visitors with additional visual sensations. The price for carrying out a reception desk including a mini-shop and standard equipment (furniture and equipment) in turnkey (ready-to-use state) system depends on the concept.

The price list does not include preparatory specialty construction work like: reconstructing ceilings, demolitions, outdoor or indoor heating insulation, power, water, gas connections or central heating terminals etc. deepening the room, unless they are priced in a separate cost calculation. Training personnel, start-up assistance and contacts with salt product and cosmetics manufacturers to be sold in a mini-shop are provided free of charge.

The contractor grants a 1-year warranty for all the equipment installed in the cave and 36-month warranty for halite installation. The warranty does not cover periodical inspections and routine maintenance. The contractor can provide servicing of the facility at an extra charge after concluding a separate maintenance service contract. The price list refers to a salt cave with a floor area ranging from 45 sq. meters to 50 sq. meters (over this size the unit price per 1 square meter can be lower). Carrying out a mini-shop and reception desk is not included in the price.

At any case during site inspection we take into account all customer suggestions and agree on the scope of work. In the case of concluding an agreement all preliminary work, the project concept and design are free of charge. In addition, the customer shall cover the costs of accommodation for the installation team composed of 6 people, transport costs of materials (rock-salt pieces – halite and others) according to the carrier rates. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange all permits required by valid legal regulations to carry out this kind of facility.

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